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  1. Shanghai Tiran Industrial CO.,LTD,the joint venture invested by the greatest PU resin,pigment,backing fabric manufactures in China,is supplying all the raw materials and technical solutions for synthetic leather factories all over the world,such as Japan,Italy,Korea,Taiwan,Brasil,Turkey,Iran,Mexico,Pakistan,Thailand,Poland,Egypt-All over the world!

    Main Business:

    1)Resin For Synthetic Leather——Product and sale PU Resin and PVC Resin;

    2)Surface TreatmenT Agent & Special Resin——Research and product all kinds of surface treatment agent and special resin,such as crazy horse,color-changing,nubuck,washing,high solid printing,heat resistance,polishing,waxying feeling,high gloss and matte surface effect;

    3)TPU Granule For Wet and Dry Process of synthetic leather;

    4)Backing Fabric For Synthetic Leather——Spunlaced & Needle-punched Nonwoven,woven & Knitting Fabric;

    5) Leather For Shoes,Lining,Sofa,Bags,Balls & etc.

    6)Transfer Foil——Research and produt metallic foil,printed foil,granule foil,laser foil & etc.

    7)Equipment—— the import and export business of large and small synthetic leather production equipment;

    8)Colorant——Research and Produt pigment,Color paste for PU/PVC leather.


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    Seat 702,No.68 Tianhui plaza,Lane2009 Caoyang Road, Putuo District,Shanghai,China